Our exclusive program was designed to…


Increase patient trust with personalized medicine.


Stop losses and write-offs and add premium ancillary services.


Using our trademarked protocols and cutting edge technologies.


With built in regulations and required quality measures.

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In addition to the four primary benefits listed above,

your practice data and our proprietary analytics will reveal opportunities to:

  • Keep the Money Your Practice Earns
  • Drive Additional Revenue with Medically Necessary Ancillary Services
  • Improve Patient Encounters and Engagement
  • Reduce Audit and Contract Risks
  • Increase MIPS Scores
  • Increase Adjudication Rates
  • Improve CPT Billing
  • Decrease Practice Write-Offs
  • And More!!!

Best In Class Ancillary Services Include

In-Practice PharmD Staffing

If qualified, we will provide a trained PharmD to become an integral part of your practice, conducting many required tests and services taking your practice to the next level.

Annual Wellness Visits

Required by federal insurance, our state of the art program for preventative and chronic care, is customized to your practice and designed to achieve MIPS and MACRA compliance.

Medication Reconciliation

100% accurate!  Improves patient outcomes and reduces liability by helping prevent medication errors including omissions, duplications, dosing and interactions.

Pharmacogenmoic Testing

U.S. trademarked protocol on the front end combined with a live, dynamic, interactive cloud-based software on the back end.  Always up to date with latest drugs and pharmacogenomic info.

Hereditary Cancer Screening

Addresses the #2 cause of death in the U.S. with valuable genetic information helping you and your patients make educated decisions on cancer related risks and/or treatments.

Allergy Solutions

More Americans seek treatment for allergies than any other condition.  Our turn key solutions allow you to stop missing out on this significant source of revenue by sending your patients elsewhere.

Molecular Testing

Featuring a comprehensive test for the Corona Virus, as well as Women’s Health, Respiratory, G.I., Wound Care, Nail Fungal and UTI.

And Much More

The Exceptional Providers Program offers many other services that could benefit your patients and your practice.  Contact your ACG Medical Services Consultant.

Please Note – Your practice may still qualify to implement some of our ancillary services, even if it does not qualify for a Complimentary Practice Analysis.

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Confidential – No Risk – No Obligation

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