Protective Gloves

Thanks to our integrity, credibility and commitment to best-in-class offerings, ACG has created amazing strategic partnerships with several of the largest and best protective glove suppliers in the world. We then added our streamlined, step-by-step systems to make your buying experience simple, smooth and transparent at every stage of the process.

We have a network of more than 100 manufacturing facilities in multiple countries and a current allocation of at least 1 billion boxes of gloves per month, to ensure we can meet your needs when it comes to protective glove wear. All our glove suppliers are on government approved import/export lists within their respective country of origin. This means they have to adhere to all quality standards, certifications and local and federal anti-gouging pricing laws.

Thank you for allowing ACG the opportunity to serve you. We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Protective Glove Orders Standard Operating Procedures

Thank you for allowing ACG the opportunity to serve your needs for Protective Gloves. Also thank you for doing your part to protect our population of healthcare heroes and fantastic first responders dedicated to helping others.

At ACG, we have a very clear and concise Standard Operating Procedure, to ensure your experience with us is smooth and transparent at every step of the process. This is a joint effort and working together is how we achieve success. Here is how our process works:

(Please return all completed forms to your personal ACG Medical Services Consultant)

  1. ___ YOU – Complete and Return the ACG RFQ (Request for Quote) form.  This will initiate the process and ensure we are sourcing your exact specifications.
  1. ___ ACG – We will supply you with all pertinent pricing, shipping and delivery information you need to decide if you would like to move forward in the process with us as your trusted source.  We can also provide you general specifications and certifications (Detailed certifications will be sent after Step #12)
  1. ___ YOU – If you like the Quote we provide you, please complete and return our ACG LOI (Letter of Intent).  This non-binding document lets us know you are serious about working with us.
  1. ___ YOU – Complete and return the ACG MNCNDA (Mutual Non-Circumvent/Non-Disclosure Agreement).  This will protect the best interests of all parties moving forward.
  1. ___ YOU – Now it is time for you to submit a PO (Purchase Order) to us with the following information included for the Seller/Supplier:

Advocate Consulting Group, LLC

118 Sycamore Avenue

Marlton, NJ 08053

  1. ___ YOU – Along with the PO, you will also submit your POF (Proof of Funds) to verify your purchasing ability.  This must be from a Financial Institution (Current Bank Statement or BCL – Bank Confirmation Letter – Less than 3 days old), or an Attestation Letter from your Attorney verifying funds.
  1. ___ YOU – Inform us of/confirm your final shipping preferences:
  1. ___ FOB (Freight on Board)          ___ CIF (Cost/Insurance/Freight)        ___ Concierge
  1. ___ Airfreight        ___ Sea Expedited          ___ Sea Normal    ___ Combination Air/Sea
  1. ___ ACG – We will then provide you with current estimate of shipping costs and list it on your Invoice as a separate line item if FOB or CIF are selected.  (Our Door to Door pricing will include shipping)
  1. ___ ACG – We will provide you a detailed Invoice for your order, along with Escrow account instructions.
  2. ___ YOU – At this time, you will Deposit 50% of Invoice total into Your own US-based Escrow account of choice. (If you do not currently have a US-based escrow account, we will provide you with a secure option.)  Your deposit will need to be confirmed by submitting an Attestation Letter to ACG from your escrow attorney.
  1. ___ ACG – Once all Escrow items are approved, we will place your order into our system, and determine which Manufacturing Facility(ies) will be producing your order.  This action makes your order official and is considered day 1 of when the clock starts to meet our proposed time frames.
  1. ___ ACG – Once we have identified the Manufacturing Facility(ies) that will be producing your order, we will notify you with the pertinent information.  This will include: the entities involved with the transaction, quantities, pricing, manufacturing dates, and any additional information pertinent to the transaction including glove brand, picture of the product and all certifications of the Manufacturing Facility(ies).
  1. ___ ACG – Once your order is produced, we will provide you with an SGS Certificate of InspectionProof of Life and the Waybill for your order.
  1. ___ YOU – Once you receive the information in Step #12, you will need to deposit the remaining 50% of funds on the total Invoice into your Escrow account and send us confirmation of such.
  1. ___ ACG – We will then clear your order through customs in the country of origin, and satisfy any other requirements needed.  When completed we will have your order loaded and shipped, and we will provide you with the Shipping Manifest for your records.
  1. ___ ACG – Depending upon your chosen shipping and delivery method, one of the following things will occur:

___ FOB/CIF – Your product arrives at the nearest International Airport or one of

three major shipping ports nearest to your location.  Here your order will be cleared

by customs.

___ Concierge Door to Door – We will have your order cleared by customs and then delivered directly to your specified location.

  1. ___ YOU – Once product is cleared through customs with FOB/CIF, or once your order

            arrives at your location if you chose Door to Door, you will have 24 hours to have your

            shipment inspected by you or your authorized agent

  1. ___ YOU – Upon your satisfactory product inspection, you will release 100% of the funds in your Escrow account to ACG.
  2. ___ YOU – Once the funds are received by ACG, you take possession of your product – Congratulations!  If you have chosen FOB or CIF, you are responsible for all Customs and Tariff charges, as well as expenses related to transporting your product to your desired location.

Thank you again for allowing ACG the privilege of serving you.  If you have any questions during this process, please reach out to the ACG professional with whom you have been working. 


If you need to contact the principles at ACG directly, please use the email address:  This is our preferred method of contact. 


If you need to reach us by phone, you may contact our Executive Director of PPE, Mr. Steve Gotberg at 936.523.0595. 


Thank You for Helping Us Make a POSITIVE and PROFOUND Difference in the World!