ACG Non-Sterile, Powder Free, 4mil, Nitrile Disposable Exam Glove Options

Date: 7/13/2020

Thanks to our vast group of Nitrile Glove suppliers, we can offer you multiple options for securing your specific needs.

Please review the selections below and choose which is best for you.

ACG Nitrile Glove Options Table

>All Delivery times are quoted Post-Production and after initial payment terms are satisfied

>Pricing is as of date listed at top and can vary daily due to current global conditions

>Prices will be locked in once official order is placed by satisfying initial payment terms

>Pricing is end price to Buyer.  Price includes a $.40 total commission to be split 25%/50%/25%

between the Buyer’s Group/Intermediary (Broker) Groups/Seller’s Group, per IMFPA

Protective Glove Orders Standard Operating Procedures

If you would like to engage our Nitrile Glove services, please make your selection from the options above and then complete and submit the required information below.

1. ____ A completed Mutual Non-Circumvent, Non-Disclosure Agreement

2. ____ A Purchase Order (PO) made out to Advocate Consulting Group, LLC as the Broker

3. ____ Acceptable Proof of Funds in one of the following formats

a) Valid, specific Bank Confirmation or Comfort Letter

b) Proof of Buyer’s transferable Line of Credit

c) MT-199

d) Attestation Letter from the Attorney who has the Escrow Funds from the Buyer in their own IOLTA account

e) Unredacted bank summary statement less than 72 hours old with the buyer’s name as the account holder showing current funds available to cover the cost of the purchase

f) Best Option – A Funded Escrow Account established for the purchase of PPE items

Once we have these items, we will go to work for you with special attention, and keep you posted every step of the way.

Thank you for allowing ACG the opportunity to serve you and your clients’ PPE needs.


Please submit all information to your ACG Medical Services Consultant